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Madness' Labyrinth -Part 1-
Picking up some flowers, the red headed Roslock goddess smiled, looking down at them.
They seem perfect for mommy She thought, continuing to pick some more but in separate colors.
"You have a fascination for flowers?" A man's voice said near the young girl, and she quickly replied.
"I guess--" She stopped in mid sentence when she turned her head to see the man, and saw his pale silver skin, and only red eyes. "Oh...hi.." She said again, turning to face him.
The man gave a light smile, then turned his gaze toward the flowers.
"I guess I shouldn't praise...this is because of a death, am I right?" He asked in a obvious tone.
The young girl blinked, then tried to look for words as she glanced at the flowers as well.
"It is nothing to hide, it is pretty obvious, however..." The man said calmly, giving the girl another smile, "your mother passed, correct? Such a shame, losing a caring parent is a horrible experience and no child should have to go through it by herself..."
The girl s
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A Hellfire and Her Dollies by Saiikou A Hellfire and Her Dollies :iconsaiikou:Saiikou 8 6 BDay Stuff yay by Saiikou BDay Stuff yay :iconsaiikou:Saiikou 5 20 New Note by Saiikou New Note :iconsaiikou:Saiikou 9 17 Mothers of the Two Original by Saiikou Mothers of the Two Original :iconsaiikou:Saiikou 4 8 Physical Darkness by Saiikou Physical Darkness :iconsaiikou:Saiikou 5 7 More Love Triangles by Saiikou More Love Triangles :iconsaiikou:Saiikou 6 6 Wishmaster by Saiikou Wishmaster :iconsaiikou:Saiikou 6 6 Will He Win? by Saiikou Will He Win? :iconsaiikou:Saiikou 4 17 Growing Up by Saiikou Growing Up :iconsaiikou:Saiikou 4 4 My Mother by Saiikou My Mother :iconsaiikou:Saiikou 4 8
Repeat History
"Filthy little slut."
"Stupid tramp."
"Pathetic excuse for a daughter."
"You are not even needed in this family."
"Why are you still around?"

His words echoed through Emily's mind as she watched her Father and her youngest sister, Hellia, near the house they inhabited.
"Why do you still refuse to give me wine?" Hellia asked her Father sternly, crossing her arms.
Hellfire just sighed for an answer, running one of his hands through his black, silky, and soft hair.
"I've went over this before with you, Hellia, but you have to wait ," Hellfire eyed Hellia, "That is always gonna be my answer."
"You made Emily drink it at age 5," Hellia argued, glaring daggers at Hellfire. "Why's that?"
"That's different." Hellfire simply answered.
"How exactly does it make it different?" Emily finally spoke up, making her presence known to her Father and sister.
Hellia and Hellfire turned their glances to Emily, kinda shocked she was there the whole time, but it was
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Red Queen by Saiikou Red Queen :iconsaiikou:Saiikou 6 8 A Cruel Demon's Fate by Saiikou A Cruel Demon's Fate :iconsaiikou:Saiikou 6 9
Species - Hellfire -Extra facts at end-
Evil. The one word to describe this species of demons...just...evil.
No one really knows how they were even created...
People say they came straight from the depths of Hell...from Hell's Fire, which gave them the name.
When really, they have nothing to do with Hell, unlike their siblings...
In the late 1500's, there lived a boy, named Kolana Itachi. Kolana wasn't like the other kids in the village. He was quiet...too quiet. His parents worried about him a lot, due to never really speaking to anyone. Always confined in a corner or somewhere far away from his home.
No one knew about him. Because of that, keeping his secret was very easy. He had...voices. Voices in his head. That whispered to him...they whispered:
"Kill them all..."
"Hell's fire will sprout..."
"Destroy them all..."
"We call for you, Kolana..."
Kolana was tortured by these voices. He could never get to them to stop. He would scream and yell, but to no avail. As he aged, the voices grew louder and
:iconsaiikou:Saiikou 3 5
The Rose vs Rosie by Saiikou The Rose vs Rosie :iconsaiikou:Saiikou 5 8
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No novels are being worked on right now. I am still thinking out whole ideas. I am doing character sheets, species sheets, spreading ideas to see if they are good, and base edits for me and friends <3


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Writing Commissions
I do writing commissions~
You may commission a short story for a price of course.


Must give me as much detail as possible or explain idea well so I can write it very well

I do gore, sexual content, and other sort of things. But I am under 18, so I have limits. Ask me about them.

I do fanfictions as well, so if you wish for me to write about a certain OTP or fandom, please, go ahead and ask. But like rule one, if I don't know the fandom, give me good detail.

Pay first

Updates are lame, Bree

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 10, 2013, 9:24 PM

okay, so...I went to my Grandparents house and talked to them, and...

They convinced my Dad to move outta this town. To somewhere new, to kinda start over..

In a different state no less =P

Not now, but soon, maybe this summer. So finishing school year and starting over after that might actually help, even with my Father. Where I live now...I've lived here for almost my whole life, nice for a change~


  • Listening to: The Walking Dead
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Saiikou's Profile Picture
United States
: : Id made by Trickno : :


Name is Saikou, but only close friends may call me Bree/Breanna.

I am an author with 3 different sets of novels and ideas. I even have some characters that seem to have no point in the novel, lol.

I roleplay a lot, so I use those characters.

Some of my characters will be dramatically changed to fit the novel. However, I will roleplay them with friends who knew them before the change. So, they will not have any change in roleplay. Just in the novel to fit idea.

For now, I will release information on my species I created and my OCs. Original Creations. And even base edits of them in a separate folder.

:blackrose: Following the Garden's Graves :blackrose:

:blackrose: Hell vs Heaven: Tainted Souls :blackrose:

:blackrose: Rise and Fall of the Pure :blackrose:




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Those who knew my characters before this, ( Trickno TinyKuroNeko Avenger-In-Training ) you guys, if we are roleplaying or doing a story together , then nothing has changed, don't worry. Nothing has changed at all, really, just put into a novel situation...


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